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The MLS Approach

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The M.L.S. Approach is based on the fundamental principle of bringing the neuro-spinal system into physiological "peace and ease” prior to the “thrust force.” By allowing the spinal cord-meningeal system to "float", within the neural canal, the spine and person are kept in a state of deep relaxation. The “thrust force” can then travel throughout the entire system for integration.

Precision, lightning speed and extreme specificity are central to this form of adjusting. The result is a true healing exchange that becomes honoring, specific, fluid, simple and powerful. Pairing spinal bio-dynamics, motion and visualization with chiropractic-specific training empowers doctors to practice for years without fear of injury.

The MLS Approach to chiropractic adjusting can be used with any technique you practice. From Upper Cervical, to Gonstead, Network Spinal, Zone, Pierce, Diversified, CBP, or Full Spine; you will be able to take your results to the next level. MLS refines and fine tunes what you are already doing, so you can deliver an exceptional chiropractic experience.

"There are no short cuts or 'quick fixes' to success used by TRUE professionals in any and all disciplines.
ChiropracTIC is no different."

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Meet the MLS Team

Arno Burnier, DC

Dr. Arno Burnier graduated in 1977, from Sherman College, and opened a practice specializing in infant, child and family care in Yardley, PA, where he served for 20 years. In 1983, he was named Outstanding Young Man of America, and in 1993 he was chosen as one of America’s 27 Best Doctors of Chiropractic, by Self Magazine. His reputation for leadership in the profession led him, beginning in 1983, to teach MLS seminars. The increasing demands on his time finally led him to pass on his practice in 1997 and devote himself full-time to teaching others. Sharing his philosophy has become his driving passion. To accomplish that goal, the founded MLS Adjusting Seminar, Master Piece Seminars and the Café of Life Vitalistic Practice Model

Wade Port, DC

Wade has been taught by some of the most powerful visionaries in the modern era. Arno Burnier, Donald Epstein, Sue Brown, Pasquale Cerasoli, Lou Corleto, Jay Komarek, Suzan Rossi, Pete Goldman and many more in and out of the profession.
He has run a successful, principled, cash practice since 2005 (Lifeworks Chiropractic) and has been on staff with Arno Burnier since 2003. Though Wade has been teaching Chiropractors for well over a decade, you can often find him attending seminars as much as he teaches them. When he is not in his Atlanta office you can often find him on the side stage taking care of world touring bands and performing artists. He has been caring for bands (ChiropracTOUR)  like STS9, Umphrey's McGee, Tauk, Steve Kimock Band, Papadosio, The Funky Meters, and casts of Broadway plays for over 15 years. Wade was also Tony Robbins’ personal Chiropractor and was recently voted 2018 Chiropractor of the Year by the Georgia Council of Chiropractic.
Wade has a unique ability to draw out the most authentic gifts from the participants he serves and engage them on the Path of Mastery. Uncover your innate gifts with Wade.

Jim Deegan, DC

James “Jim” Deegan has grown up more than half of his Life learning directly from ARNO Burnier since 1995 and on Staff teaching for 20+ years on the MLS Path of Mastery. He practices in Smyrna GA close to Life University where he loves mentoring students, encouraging other chiropractors and adjusting so many “precious peeps” (people) - police, fire rescue, celebrities, local artists, musicians families, teachers, Etc. his community/ and surrounding Atlanta area. His HEART of service comes out of a “near death/quantum leap into Life”experience in 1994. This led him to “The Path of Mastery” from potential medical Heart transplant list to Chiropractic list of self-discovery. Other teachers and mentors emerged such as Reggie Gold, Joseph Strauss, Pasquale, Paul Bragg and many direct and indirect vitalistic visionary’s. Jim’s desire is to continually SERVE to elevate The Chiropractic profession and the World by Leading others to discover their inborn gifts. No one can facilitate healing Alone - BETTER TOGETHER.

Emily Mayo, DC

Emily has been a Chiropractic patient all her life. Emily always knew it was her life’s mission to work with people. While in school she taught for several of the technique clubs on campus while also serving a staff member for MLS. She graduated from Life University with honors and received an award for clinical service. Emily’s love for the ocean and California brought her to the beautiful city of San Diego. She opened a Center for Life practice in Pacific Beach and has been growing her roots in the community ever since. Emily’s main focus is family care from pregnancy and birth to everything after. She also enjoys working with athletes; after competing in soccer, gymnastics and pole vaulting. In addition to her work with pediatric/prenatal clients and athletes Emily is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, she teaches seminars in MLS chiropractic, and is certified in the Webster Prenatal Technique. 

Charles Leroux, DC

Charles Leroux is a chiropracTOR, lifestyle mentor, speaker and shares in life and chiropractic principles in his 5-star podcast LifeCode, listened in more than 110 countries around the world. Charles's reputation in the chiropractic field is well established: he operates a successful Vitalistic ChiropracTIC practice for more than 15 years and he is a leader in Quebec. He is a founding member of Chiropractic Without Borders and president of BB's Chiropractic Seminars, a group of chiropractors who meet twice a year to learn about philosophy and chiropracTIC science. His love and passion for Life and Chiropractic permeate his being. Being in his presence alone touches everyone. He has been on staff for many years at MLS and can teach the program in his sleep. For almost 20 years, he has dedicated his life to becoming a clear vessel for his teaching and chiropractic by learning and applying best practices to create an extraordinary life where it is possible to be fulfilled in every important dimensions

Romain Cardinal, DC

Romain graduated from IFEC Paris in 2019. He opened his office in La Butte aux Cailles a charming area of Paris. Within 1 year he build a busy and highly successful practice. He practices pure, simple vitalistic chiropractic based on the philosophy, science and the natural laws of life. He is committed, dedicated, focused, passionate about being a true chiropractic professional. His adjusting skills are through the roof, especially been as early in his career as he is. He is a master in the making. He trained and staffed at multiple MLS adjusting seminars where his focus, passion, intensity, commitment and maturity was obvious to all. He is all about being fully present, connected within and aware of Universal Intelligence omnipresence within and without. He empowers and frees people to take their inner power back. His presence is gentle yet powerful. He is a fantastic teacher with power and clarity of words and purpose. 

Nathan Gerowitz, DC 

Adjusted from 1 year old, Nathan first heard DD Palmer’s intention for chiropractic: to unite man the physical with man the spiritual. Since hearing that, Nathan has been on a mission to help people embody their Divine essence. While attending Life University, he was blessed to train with Arno Burnier, Sue Brown, Suzan Rossi, Lou Corleto, Katina Manning, Jeanne Ohm, Pam Jarboe, Eric Rubin, Pete Goldman and many more. He has been initiated in ancient shamanic traditions and new-paradigm healing modalities. Today he serves the Chicago area at Innate Life Chiropractic: a center for vitalistic chiropractic. Nathan has also served on several service trips throughout central and South America, in addition to founding a clean water non-profit. In 2020, he co-authored “Letters to Our Younger Selves: A Combat Manual for Mindful Living”. “I’ve been a part of the MLS movement for over a decade now. I’m honored to help you experience the power of chiropractic and the depth of your potential.”

Zach Thomas, DC

At 23, Zach received his first adjustment and his life would be forever changed! 9 months after that adjustment Zach would start at Life University where he would go on to graduate in the summer of 2017. During his time at Life he had the opportunity to be a part of and learn from some amazing people and experiences, but it was his introduction to MLS during his 2nd quarter that would go on to make the biggest impact. From the first time hearing Arno speak, sharing the beautiful philosophy of LIFE and the potential of being a professional chiropractor, Zach knew the call to join the “Path of Mastery” had been sent and he could not say no. From then Zach would go on to spend time learning from Arno and the MLS team. Having the amazing ability to spend ample time learning and crafting his skills with Dr. Wade Port. Zach joined the MLS team as a student staff member in 2015 and has been a part of the movement to bring the same life changing process he experienced to other chiropractic students and chiropractors ever since. Zach currently serves just outside of Columbus, OH where he gets to see the full spectrum of people. From 3 day old babies all the way to those into their 90’s. He has been serving chiropractic since 2017 and it was what he learned from MLS that created the fertile ground for his ability to do so at a very high level. The same opportunity could be waiting for you. Will you take it?